Cherry Blossoms – Bloomin’ Onion Booty

Bloomin’ Onion Booty

Bloomin' Onion Booty

We count our blessings when we find a chick like Cherry Blossoms. She’s got class, swag and a bangin’ ass. However, bangin’ may be an understatement when it comes to Cherry. A bad bitch this thick requires you to be a bit more descriptive. She’s got what we call a “Bloomin’ Onion Booty” with a side of jelly. She has that perfect, round, plump ass that we love. But her ass also has that bounce to it. It’s built for all-nighters and a few other tricks.

“I can make it clap,” Cherry said. “When I bring a dude home, they can’t get enough of it. I’ll make it clap and throw it back on my man when he’s fucking me doggy style. They usually bust a nut right after.”

The thought alone has us ready to bust a nut. But if you can hold out long enough, you’ll get to see another one of Cherry’s tricks.

“I can squirt,” Cherry said. “Most guys aren’t used to it and it surprises them. It’s not easy to get me there, though. You’ve got to fuck me hard. Fuck me right.”

You’ve got a Bloomin’ Onion with a side of jelly, Cherry. We’re up for the challenge.

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Sandra Romain – Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Life is good for a big-bootied chick like Sandra Romain. She’s one of the thickest, baddest bitches you’ll ever meet, and she’s chillin’ out in one of Miami’s many high-rise condos. But that’s not the only reason why life is good for her. Our boy Jordan Ashley is about to cum with a delivery of hearty man-meat.

Clad in a skimpy pink bikini, Sandra is ready for Jordan as soon as he arrives. He doesn’t waste any time getting down to business, either. Jordan bends Sandra over, pulls her bikini bottom to the side and devours Sandra’s ass and pussy.

“Oh, yes,” Sandra says. “Stick your tongue in my ass. I fucking love it.”

Sandra returns the favor and deep-throats Jordan’s fat cock before she plops her phat ‘donk on top of it and goes for a ride.

“Just like that,” she screams as she bounces on his rod. “Just like that. You’re going to make me cum.”

Life is so good for Sandra that this high-rise fuck-fest doesn’t end when she cums. Jordan turns her around and stuffs his cock into her ass.

“Oh, you make me feel so dirty,” Sandra says.

She is dirty. And that’s why her life is good.

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Sandra Romain – Tossin’ Romain Lettuce

Tossin’ Romain Lettuce

Tossin' Romain Lettuce

It’s always special when an extra-thick Euro chick comes around. That’s especially true of the aptly named Romanian babe, Sandra Romain. Because we do try to stay healthy here at BootyLicious. And there’s nothing we’d love more than a taste of Romain’s lettuce. Our boy Jordan Ashley can’t get enough of tossin’ a healthy helping of pussy salad, so it’s a good thing Sandra is offering up some of the best California has to offer.

“Guys fall in love with me because of pussy,” Sandra said. “And, yeah, because my last name is Romain a lot of them joke that they want to toss my lettuce. If they’re cute, I usually let them.”

Sandra is such a nice girl, isn’t she? Especially when she’s being a down and dirty bad girl like she is with our boy Jordan. She’s poppin’ her onion booty and pussy on Jordan like she hasn’t gotten a good piece of dick in weeks.

“I can’t get enough of fucking,” Sandra said. “I don’t even masturbate that often because I’d rather fuck instead. I think I get a little wild in bed because of that. I’m a freak. I can’t deny it.”

We wouldn’t want you to, Sandra. Being so freaky is why Jordan topped your thick buns and Romanian lettuce with his man-dressing. Being a freak is what keeps us cumming back for more.

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Hershey Bryant – Nature Walk

Nature Walk

Nature Walk

Here at BootyLicious, we’re generally not the types to go on nature walks. But if the view includes a girl like Hershey Bryant, then we’d have to reconsider. Especially when she’s poppin’ her phat booty like this.

“I love to be outside,” she said. “I feel at home when I’m going out on walks and all that.”

We wouldn’t mind making ourselves at home inside her pink cooch, but we don’t mind watching her play with it herself. Hershey has such a big sexual appetite that watching her fuck herself with her favorite toy is just as hot as seeing a real cock slip in and out of her.

“I have sex about three or four times per week,” Hershey said. “Which isn’t enough. But that’s why I masturbate a couple times a day, too. A girl’s got to get off as much as possible.”

You deserve it, Hershey. We’ll just sit back and enjoy the view.

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Hershey Bryant – Hershey’s Treat

Hershey’s Treat

Hershey's Treat

If you’ve got a taste for Hershey’s Kisses, we’ve got just the girl for you, fellas. Hershey Bryant is a thick piece of chocolate ass that’s built to smash.

“Do you like what you see?” Hershey asks with a tease in her much-too-small-for-her-phat-ass jean shorts. “I think you do.”

She’s right, and we’d love nothing more than to taste a bit of this dark chocolate-skinned chick. But we’re going to have to settle for watching her play today.

After Hershey strips down to her lovely birthday suit, she pulls out her favorite toy. She slips and slides her favorite playmate in and out of her juicy cunt, and it’s not long before she lets out a rapturous orgasm.

“Oh, you like that wet pussy?” Hershey asks.

We do. It’s Hershey’s treat.

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Blu Diamond – A Perfect Cut Diamond

A Perfect Cut Diamond

A Perfect Cut Diamond

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but Blu Diamond is the type of thick chick a Booty Man wants to be his friend with benefits.

“I wear booty shorts every,” Blu said. “I only wear outfits that are tight, short and revealing.”

While we do think Blu would look good in anything, we’re definitely not dudes who are going to argue with a bad bitch like her about wearing revealing clothing. Especially not when she’s slowly teasing us by poppin’ her trunk and slipping off her animal print lingerie. Watching her do this makes the animal want to come out of us…. something that’s already in our nature when it comes to bad bitches like this. Thankfully, Blu isn’t the type of chick that will leave your balls blue.

“I need to fuck every day,” Blu said. “Usually, I fuck about two or three times per day. I’m addicted to getting off. I’m addicted to dick.”

This is why we call her a perfect diamond.

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Kelly Divine – Sex Lesson

Sex Lesson

Sex Lesson

“I need some XXX-rated fucking,” Kelly Divine said when we asked her how she likes to fuck. “It needs to be so nasty that it makes me blush afterwards. I need some crazy, break-the-bed type of fucking that makes me scream so loud that it keeps the neighbors up at night.”

Well, we know all about that type of fucking here at BootyLicious, but Kelly is still going to take the time to show us how she likes to be fucked with her handy little toy. And who are we to deny such a booty-ful woman?

After teasing and seductively peeling off her much-too-small-for-that-booty one-piece, Kelly pulls out her favorite toy. She slowly teases her dripping wet pussy with it before sliding it in and out of her pussy. You can faintly hear the sound of her pussy queefing every time she slides it in, too. Then, Kelly turns around and hops on top of her toy like she’s riding a dude reverse cowgirl. She rocks harder and harder until she lets out a loud orgasm.

After this sex lesson, we’re sure we’re ready to pass Kelly’s final exam with flying cum shots.

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Kelly Divine – A Divine Ass

A Divine Ass

A Divine Ass

“What are you looking at?” Kelly Divine asks with her ass pouring out of her skimpy one-piece. “My ass?”

Of course we are, Kelly. We’re sure you get this all the time, but your ass is divine.

“There’s a little more than a handful,” she teases while she pops her vanilla trunk and plays with her ass cheeks.

And we have a pair of firm and ready hands ready to handle that handful whenever she needs it. After teasing us a bit more, Kelly takes off her one-piece and plays with her pussy a bit.

“I bet you want to fuck me in both my holes,” Kelly says. “But I guess I’m going to have to bring my friend out to help me. I know you want to see it in me.”

We’d love to be inside of Kelly ourselves, but we’re okay with watching her get herself off with her pink dildo.

A few minutes later, Kelly has a loud orgasm.

“Mmm…that felt so good,” she says. “Thanks for the good time. Hope you enjoyed my ass.”

Like we said, it’s divine.

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Pleasure Mia – Cum Correct

Cum Correct

Cum Correct

“I like a man that’s smooth and assertive,” Pleasure Mia said. “I need my dude to come correct.”

Well, with a name like Commando, you already know our boy is more than equipped to make sure that Mia cums correct. But, he’s smooth, too. As Mia makes her way to lay out on the pool deck, Commando quickly hops out of the pool and makes his way over to her. He kindly offers to massage baby oil into body and booty and, of course, Mia can’t turn him down.

Eventually, Mia suggests that they need to finish this inside. And that’s where the slip-n-slide fun really begins.

“Let’s go inside so I can ride this dick,” she says lustily.

She hops on top of a couch and pops her chocolate coochie on Commando’s magic stick.

“Fuck me,” she pants with every thrust. “Fuck me! I’m gonna cum.”

That’s just the first nut that Mia is gonna bust here, though. Commando turns Mia around and beasts on her pussy doggy style.

“Oh, fuck!” she screams again. “I’m gonna cum!”

Commando can’t hold off his jizz either now, and he shoots a heavy load all over her ass.

Neither one of these two had a problem cumming correct.

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Pleasure Mia – Pleasuring Mia

Pleasuring Mia

Pleasuring Mia

Names don’t get more fitting than Pleasure Mia. There’s nothing we’d love to see more right now than Mia being pleasured. Our boy Commando feels the same way. After Mia makes her way out to the pool, Commando is nice enough to help lotion up her thick chocolate ass.

Of course, things start to sizzle after Commando lays down a few coats of oil. Mia jiggles her ass a bit to tease him, but she’s the one getting hotter. Mia pulls Commando’s cock out of his swim trunks and stuffs it into her mouth while he’s smackin’ her ass.

“Let’s go inside so I can ride this dick,” Mia says

Sitting on top of a white couch, Mia pops and drops her ‘donk on Commando. Then, he flips her around and beats up her phat ass and pussy from the back.

“Fuck me!” Mia says as Commando picks up his pace. “Oh, god! I’m gonna cum!”

With an ass and pussy this bangin’, Commando can only hold out for so long, too. He shoots a load of spunk all over her chocolate trunk.

Mia happily rubs it into her ass. Yup, that’s how you pleasure Mia.

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