Eva Gomez – Perfect 10

Perfect 10

Perfect 10

Our boys Johnny Rod and Colton Jag have seen a lot of ass in their day. And we’re not talking about run-of-the mill booties, mind you. They’ve seen and sampled some of the thickest, roundest ‘donks you’ll ever find in Miami. So they’re certainly knowledgeable to rate Eva Gomez’s lightly-tanned rump. Eva struts into the room expecting to score a perfect 10, but these guys are tough. Johnny and Colton raise their cards and both rate her rump a nine.

Eva’s going to have to put in a little work to get that perfect 10… which she has no problem doing, of course. Eva hops onto the nearby bed, oils up her booty and pops it for them. Needless to say, Johnny and Colton are impressed. So impressed that their cocks are now, understandably, fully-erect.

The boys hop over to the bed and decide to thoroughly inspect Eva’s body and booty.

“That’s nice, huh?” Johnny says to Colton as he smacks her ass.

The guys are ready to work on Eva. Johnny pulls out his cock and slides it into her mouth while Colton smacks Eva’s ass and fingers her cunt. The dudes switch sides for a bit until Colton lies down on the bed and tells Eva to hop on his cock. She eagerly hops on him and pulls Johnny over to her so she can continue sucking him off.

Taking turns fucking Eva’s pussy isn’t enough for these dudes, though. No, when a girl like this is in front of you, you fuck her pussy AND her ass. At the same time. Eva’s screams and moans are a mix of pain and pleasure as she takes this DP.

We’re not sure if we’ve seen a girl get fucked harder than this. When these dudes finally bust their nuts, they shoot their loads all over Eva’s phat ass. As a show of appreciation for her hard work and perfect body, the guys affix cards with “10″ onto her cum-soaked ass cheeks.

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Eva Gomez – Tag-Teaming Eva

Tag-Teaming Eva

Tag-Teaming Eva

It’s always a pleasure to see Eva Gomez. For those who don’t remember, Eva is a curvy lil’ Latina from the City of Angels. Though there are tons of beautiful women in Los Angeles, is used to be the center of attention when there are men around. And she doesn’t mind it one bit.

“I love when men check me out,” Eva said. “Come up and say hi to me. I don’t bite. Well, I promise I don’t bite too much.”

Eva’s a lucky girl. Today, she gets to at the center of attention for two ass-loving gentleman. Typically, our boys Colton Jag and Johnny Rod aren’t up for sharing, but when you’ve got a piece of ass this nice in your sights, you’ll gladly share. And Eva couldn’t be more excited. She’s a cock connoisseur ready to test and taste their pieces of heavy man-meat.

There’s never a moment when she doesn’t a cock inside of her hungry mouth or dripping wet cunt. Eva is an ambitious chick, though. It’s not everyday she has a pair of huge dicks to play with, so she wants to try it all. Which is why she lustily demands a double-penetration from our boys. Eva’s moans are a mix of pain and pleasure, and she’s pushed to a few orgasms before both guys can need to drop their own loads.

Girls don’t get more cock-and-cum-hungry than this chick.

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Vanessa Luna – Hot, Wet and Sticky

Hot, Wet and Sticky

Hot, Wet and Sticky

Vanessa Luna is the type of chick that just makes us say, “Damn!” A Venezuelan chica who lives in Miami, we’re sure that’s a reaction she’s grown accustomed to.

“Oh, I get attention because of my booty all the time,” she said. “And you know guys in Miami love girls with big booties.”

That we do, Vanessa. We’d like to give that ass a nice firm smack, because it’s not fair for a chick to be this fine. Vanessa wouldn’t mind the ass smack, though.

“I love being spanked,” Vanessa told us. “I don’t want you to stop there, though. I want you to bite and nibble on my ass, too.”

She wouldn’t have to worry about us stopping there. We’d be beasting on that pussy soon enough. And we’d want her to use some of that baby oil she’s doused in for this photo set, too. Hot, wet and sticky, that ass and pussy just makes us say, “damn!”

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Carmen Ross – Two For Cum

Two For Cum

Two For Cum

We’re in heaven right now. Two sexy, flirty Latinas in the comfort of our own home…we’ve got it good! The ladies can’t keep their hands off of each other when this scene opens. Mary Jean is giggling, smacking and squeezing Carmen’s plump trunk.

“What a nice booty,” she says, tapping Carmen’s ass. “Shake your booty, shake your booty.”

Carmen is feeling playful, too, and begins smacking Mary Jean’s ass in return. Like they say, girls just want to have fun. And when the girls have plump buns like this, there’s a lot for them to play with.

And there’s a lot for our friend Tony DeSergio to have fun with. He’s one lucky dude. Most guys pray they can get their hands on one thick Latina. This dude is about to smash two.

“Oh, look at him,” Mary Jean says when she spots Tony sitting in the corner. “He’s a cutie. I want him! Can we both have him?”

We know Tony doesn’t have a problem with them sharing his schlong. Mary Jean and Carmen pull Tony’s cock out and get to work on it.

“Taste it,” Mary Jean says as she pulls Tony’s cock out of her mouth and stuffs it into Carmen’s.

This is a great warm up, but the moment Tony’s been waiting for is getting in these chicks’ pussies. Tony smashes Mary Jean doggy style first. Carmen is smacking Mary Jean’s ass while Tony is beating her pussy up. When it’s Carmen’s turn to get some dick, Mary Jean lays down so Carmen can eat her pussy while Tony fucks her.

“Oh, yeah, eat her pussy,” Tony says.

Mary Jean then slides underneath Carmen while Tony is inside of her so they can 69 while he smashes Carmen doggystyle.

“Don’t stop,” Mary Jean moans as Carmen devours her cunt. “I’m going to cum!”

Tony switches back and forth between the two chicks, and we’re not sure how he holds off dropping his jizz for so long. When he finally does bust his nut, he shoots it all over Mary Jean’s caramel ass and Carmen’s pretty face.

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Carmen Ross – Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

What’s better than one bad Latina? Of course, it has to be two bad Latinas. And, we snatched up two of the baddest for this one. Carmen Ross, who debuted last year, is one of the hottest chicas in the city of Miami. And Mary Jean, who debuted earlier this year, is from the city that never sleeps, New York. This pairing may keep us up all night.

When we met Mary Jean, she told us that she’s fucked more girls than guys and that the key to getting in her pants was bringing her tacos. That makes our boy Tony DeSergio one lucky dude. We didn’t hit up one of South Florida’s local Mexican spots, but from what we understand Carmen has one of the tastiest tacos in town.

Tony is living every man’s dream right now: two hot chicks want nothing else than to worship your throbbing dick. These three put on one of the hottest fuck shows of the year, and it doesn’t end until Tony shoots a sticky load all over Mary Jean’s ass and Carmen’s face.

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Stacy Love – Lovin’ Buns For Lunch

Lovin’ Buns For Lunch

Lovin' Buns For Lunch

Burgers and big-bootied bitches are two things we’ll never tire of. Dressed as the thickest carhop we’ve ever seen, Stacy Love has us ready to skip lunch and go straight to dessert. Thick thighs and a side of chocolate poontang pie sounds about right.

“Yeah, I get a lot of attention because of my ass,” Stacy said. “My ass and my thighs. I’ve had a couple of dudes ask me to just let them stick their face in between my legs. If they’re hot, I usually let them.”

What a nice chick Stacy is. She says that having her pussy eaten gets her off better than anything else.

“I just love being eaten out,” she said. “What girl doesn’t? One guy I fucked was determined to prove he was the best I’ve ever had. He ate me out so good, and for so long, that I came five times in a row.”

We know ass lovers everywhere are salivating at the chance to be the one who munches well enough to push her to number six.

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Destiny – Get in her pink

Get in her pink

Get in herpink

We’re typically not the type of guys who use words like “pretty,” but we can’t deny that Destiny is lookin’ pretty in hot pink. Pretty bad, pretty sexy, pretty bang-able with a phat, jiggling ass. As you all can see, we’re pretty beside ourselves with excitement. Our boy Tony Rubino sure is.

Tony’s never seen an ass he didn’t like, but Destiny has a special one. This Latina’s trunk is phat, firm and made to twerk. Tony gets to work on Destiny as soon as he enters the scene. He smacks and nibbles on her ass before pulling off her jump suit so he can slide a finger in her pussy. Tony starts with one, but then adds a second for good measure. Destiny has a juicy ol’ pussy, and right now, it’s dripping-wet.

But when you’re with a girl like Destiny, you can’t just fuck her cunt. Nah, she’s got a nice, tight asshole to attend to. Tony pulls his fingers out of her pussy and slides them into her ass and finger-bangs it to get her prepped. Destiny gives Tony a sloppy blowjob to get him lubed up, too, before hopping on top of him to lube his cock with her pussy juices.

Tony takes control soon after, flipping her to her side and smashing her pink cunt that way. His cock is nice and lubed now, perfect for her hungry asshole. Tony pulls his cock out and stuffs it into her ass.

After some hard ass-fucking, Destiny is begging for Tony’s juice in Spanish.

“Dame la leche, Papi!” she moans.

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Destiny – Magic City Mamacita

Magic City Mamacita

Magic City Mamacita

At this point, we’ve got to ask what’s in Miami’s water supply. There has to be something because the amount of bad chicks with perfect Coke bottle bodies is getting ridiculous. Not that we’re complaining. Another day, another bad chick from the Magic City we couldn’t be happier to see. This dime piece’s name is Destiny, and we do think it was meant to be that she’s here with us rockin’ this hot pink body suit. She looks good enough to sink our teeth into, but our boy Tony Rubino is going to do that and a lot more today.

Tony starts with a few hearty bites into her buns before sticking his cock down her throat. She has no gag reflex, so she takes it all the way down a few times. After getting his cock nice and lubed up, Destiny jumps on top of Tony and works his magic stick. Then he bangs her out doggy style before she hops back on top of his cock for some reverse cowgirl anal.

When you’re with a girl as fine as Destiny, it can be hard to decide where to shoot your load. On her pretty face or her perky tits? Maybe Tony could just jizz inside of her ass for a sticky anal creampie? None of these answers is wrong, but Tony decides to glaze Destiny’s phat ass with his hot load.

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Serenity Evans – Booty Brunch

Booty Brunch

Booty Brunch

Our girl Serenity Evans is back, and she’s here to remind us why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We love a chick who knows her way around a kitchen because the way to an ass man’s heart is through his stomach. Although, after this meal is through, we’d like to find our way to Serenity’s heart through her soaking-wet pussy.

“I like to take care of my man,” Serenity said. “In the bedroom and outside of the bedroom. I’m skilled in multiple positions.”

Girl, we’d like to try out each one of those positions. And Serenity can bring the grub along with her. Our stiff man-meat with a side of tasty buns goes perfectly with eggs, toast and orange juice. Yeah, the meal is going to be a bit messy, but it’s finger lickin’ good. And when it’s a booty brunch, that’s all that matters.

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Diamond Mason – Booty Tryout

Booty Tryout

Booty Tryout

“I’m here to audition for the music video,” Diamond Mason says as our scene opens.

Diamond looks good enough to qualify, but our boy Enzo has a rigorous screening process. He has to see all of Diamond’s moves before she nabs a spot in his video.

“Okay,” Enzo says, sizing her up from head-to-toe. “Let’s see what you’re working with.”

Diamond swiftly spins around and begins poppin’ and twerkin’ her phat, chocolate ‘donk.

“Is this all I have to do to get a job?” She asks.

“I think I’m going to have to see a little bit more of you,” Enzo responds.

Enzo takes a seat on the nearby couch and Diamond is ready to show him every trick she has. Diamond begins by giving Enzo a lap dance that would make even the baddest strippers in Miami blush. She’s teasing his lips with her tits and moves to his crotch a few times to nibble on his dick through his slacks.

When she pulls Enzo’s cock out of his pants, he’s already rock hard. Diamond stuffs his cock into her mouth and gives Enzo the type of head dudes dream about. Diamond strokes his cock while sucking him off. After his cock is nice and lubed up, Diamond hops on top and rides him cowgirl, bouncing her phat ‘donk like she’s working it on a dance floor.

Diamond flips around and fucks Enzo reverse cowgirl before it’s time for Enzo to take control. He smashes Diamond doggystyle and you can hear her ass bouncing on his pelvis. Her moans are growing louder, too, and soon she’s cumming.

Enzo can’t hold on any longer by this point, either. He pulls his cock out of her and shoots his load onto her phat ass.

We think it’s safe to assume Diamond landed this gig.

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